Chapter 2
The first piece of the puzzle!

It's been about a year since I first discovered that it is actually possible to couple a computer and a arcade light gun together, for that true arcade experience. Then by chance I happen to come across this......
Many of the Arcade collectors, tired of eBays shenanigans end excessive fees, have turned to Facebook to host best offer sales, using Facebook's live video option. It's basically held in auction style, where are you bid on items after the presenter shows you, and explains what's offered for sale, without using the term "auction".
Auctions require licensed auctioneers to be held, so these are just sales held in a live environment with the purchaser being the one willing to pay the most. Wink.
During one of these many shows that I have attended, the host showed a USB to gun board, and asked unenthusiastically, "There's nobody here that's interested in this for $10 is there?"
I couldn't get my bid in fast enough, but indeed, nobody else was interested other than me. It was the deal of the night, and I got a working USB to gun board for 10 bucks… Now to figure out how these things actually work

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