So if you already know me, you realize how ridiculous this page is. I’m the guy that prefers to perform his magic behind the scenes, rather than be the front man in the show. Nonetheless, something’s I would like to have documented, but not necessarily on Facebook.
We will try to keep this as Arcade related as possible, but I can’t guarantee some family photos might not end up here as well.  

Dress the part

If you want to be a playah, you need to dress the lifestyle. Since late 97, I’ve lived in a collection of gaming T-shirts as the majority of my daily wear. Unfortunately, shirts wear out, so without a picture, many are lost forever. That was until the picture collection below 


Over the years I’ve been heavily criticized on my coffee consumption.
There was even a 12 V coffee maker inside the Basement Arcade van. We all know a gaming cup is required for consumption, so here are ones that have gone through the kitchen  

The picture to the right is of Odd Todd by Todd Rosenberg, who has created a series of humorous Flash cartoons depicting the world of unemployment. His site got me through a period of unemployment of my own, years ago. Check out his book!


If you’re going to pursue arcade and pinball collecting as a hobby, your vehicle will be one of your most important assets. When I started collecting, it started with my 89 Volkswagen GTI and a trailer that I had originally built to tow around my Suzuki quadrunner. The combination of car and trailer built the majority of my early collection, but over the years we have graduated to larger trucks for bigger pulls. Eventually, the trailer had to grow as well. 

89 GTI

My 89 GTI. This was my first new car and I’ve probably used it to hall 80% of my collection

2000 Ram Van

Bigger vehicles equals bigger hauls, So in 2000, I bought a conversion van for those long hauls to auctions with all my friends.

04 Mazda B4000

The current truck of choice is my Mazda B 4000, and a trailer hitch. It’s sort of the best of both worlds as you can throw one in the bed or hitch the trailer for larger pick ups

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