I’ve decided I need a place to bookmark some of the larger projects I’ve completed over the years. Projects like the moving Dalek for Doctor Who, or the moving institute building for the Earthshaker pin, are examples that have come and gone on my site over the years. This area is a place for them to live indefinitely. Most of the projects here are well documented, or documented enough that maybe you’d like to take a go at it yourself. Good luck, or just enjoy

  • Mark Davidson

Basement Projects

Dalek moving head reproduction

Shown here in an early stage of development. This page covers the development of the reproduction moving head kit for the Dalek toy located on the back box of the Doctor Who pinball machine. Explore its history here

Earthshaker moving Institute reproduction

Another moving pinball toy eliminated from production machines after conclusion of the prototype stage was a moving earthshaker Institute toy on the earthshaker pin. This area documents it’s RE-creation


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