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NES Oddities & the Homebrew Revolution

So I’ve been collecting Arcade related equipment for over 20 years now, and I’ve noticed that my tastes and desires in what I collect have changed. Once I couldn’t wait to own a Pac-Man, but now after owning five, my desires have changed to more uncommon games, and more often, never released in the United States PCBs
So it’s no wonder that when I stumbled across any NES oddities and the homebrew revolution, I was intrigued of a book dedicated to nothing but odd games
With over 500 homebrew games alone, this book doesn’t stop there. Covering games only released in pal, and NES accessories that are hard to find, unlicensed games that you probably stumbled across on shelves back in the day, and even a bit of NES variations that were released in the arcades the means of the play choice 10, or Nintendo’s vs. Arcade, if it’s weird, it’s listed in this book. I mean, who even knew that there existed a tracker for NES? Highly recommended, as it opened my eyes too many other NES opportunities .

I got mine Here

SNES Omnibus : The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Volume 1 & 2

So I have a history of purchasing every other Nintendo home consul that is released. It started with the NES, but I skipped over the SNES. I purchased an N 64 New on its release day, but never owned a game cube. I was very excited to get my first wii, But paid no mind to the Wii U, and I currently own a Nintendo switch.
All that being said, I now own an SNES that was modified to allowed time play back in a JAMMA wired arcade cabinet, which is got me curious about a platform I overlooked in my youth. It was the NES Omnibus volume one and volume two that filled in all the missing knowledge I lacked with this system. Categorized alphabetically, these two volumes walk you through the entire NES lineup… And what did I learn? Well I didn’t realize how many sports related games were released for this system. That’s not necessarily a great thing in my mind, as I can’t think of any sports game I am really dying to play, but it was an interesting eye-opener for me nonetheless. With pictures of the cartridge, title screen, gameplay screens and box art, each pages description paints the picture of what the game is about, with game reviews , notable quotable from magazines and web articles throughout the years. Additionally, many games offer an insider‘s insight which is a personal memory from players who have contributed to this publication, printed on quality bond, these two books will adore your bookshelf for a lifetime.

I got Volume 1 Here and Volume 2 Here

Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984

I’ve had this book since the day it was printed, so I’m surprised I’ve never written a review about it, as it’s one of my favorite books
Supercade - a visual history of the video game age 1971 – 1984, is structured by date, so it lets its reader relive the classic video game page as it was unveiled. And that’s the beauty of this book if you grew up during this time. You will relive it’s events all over again in the creation of anything that’s game related. Atari’s (and all thee other) home consoles, everything in the arcade, even “back to the roots” explanations from pioneering programmers, with its full color pages, knocks this book off the chart as it sends you down sends you down a nostalgic flashback.
Since it’s printing I’ve come to know it’s writer and her passion for this business. Could not recommend this more!
On A final note, I participated  with a picture in this book. More about that here 

I got mine Here

Classic 80s Home Video Games Identification and Value Guide

This book is very different from most in my collection. Sparse on words, Classic 80s Home Video Games Identification and Value Guide focuses with a picture of the game in question and includes suggestive pricing for software manual and boxed complete.
The problem with books like these or any Price guide book in general, is that they out date themselves fast with inflation and availability. I pick this book up more for the identification aspect of it and learned a lot in the process discovering different label variations of games I owned back in the day. Highly recommended for a nostalgic trip, but without explanation of any of the games, I navigated this book with YouTube at my side to remind me of games I’d forgotten, Or to discover games I have never known of. Covering the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Coleco vision, Odyssey 2, Intelevision, and Vectrex, all the major players are covered. I give this book a five star rating Based on its price in the amount of time I enjoyed with it. 

I got mine Here

Collecting Classic Video Games

O.K., This book is not ACTUALLY based on the Arcade gamer, but more towards the generation of the home gaming consoles. None-the-less, I too had an Atari 2600 growing up and like it or not, home gaming is part of what I am today. Over 1000 nostalgia laden color photos are the core of this 144 page covering the old Atari stuff, Colecovision, Intellivision, Magnavox Odyssey and more 

I got mine Here

ARCADE FEVER The Fan's Guide to The Golden Age of Video Games

Page after page of well-written text and screenshots of all the best classic arcade games (and a few lame ones like Bubbles and Berzerk)from the 80's. Sinistar, Dig Dug, QBert, Defender, Track & Field, Karate Champ, Tempest, you name it it's in here. I found the authors digs at some games funny but tainted, this his option, but overall it is a not to be missed collection for any old school gammer! 

I got mine Here

Pacman Collectibles

The ultimate Pacman collectable book? I don't think so. I have a bit of Pac-man items myself, adorning the game room that are not in this book. None-the-less, LOTS of picture and the price guide is cool too. It also gave me the opportunity to show more of this cultural Icon to the next generation of players (my kids). Over all, you will be looking at more pictures the actual reading, But I could not imagine my collection without it

Get it today Here

The First Quarter

What a good read! I just finished this, and it is similar to Phoenix The Rise and fall of Video games reviewed below. Covering all aspects of gaming history, It includes home gaming as well as arcade machines from the very first pong to PS2. What sets this read apart from Phoenix, is the numerous addition of quotes from the men who influenced the history of gaming. The book pictured to the left is the first addition of this book but is now out of print. The second edition of the First Quarter is now available and renamed as The Ultimate History of Video Games and contains an additional 160 pages. I got mine from Gameroom Magazine

I got mine Here

Phoenix The Rise and fall of Videogames

Ever read a history book? Get and read this and you will have. Leonard Herman has done a wonderful job bringing us a full history book of the arcade and home video game world. You will be surprised how everyone was suing everyone else. Another highly recommend rag for the collector in all of us! ! 

The version I read can be purchased Here

But a new revision is available here

JoyStick Nation

This hard cover book takes you into the heart of Nintendo,and the classic arcade machines, shows you the militaries stand on gaming to what boys and girls look for in a video game. A great book on more gaming, topics that I've never see in one spread. Cartridge Wars, Doom, Primitive Blips, and Mortal Kombat...Its all here! I bought mine at

Pick it up Here

Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book Of World Records; Arcade Volume, Third Edition

Who has the highest score in Pac Man?, Defender?, Tron? You'll find all the info here in the "Guinness book" of video game records 

Avaiable Here

Out of Print

This Old Pinball Tape #1

This Old Pinball Tape one! Meet Shaggy and Norm. These two bozos will show you how to fix your old pinball machine to make it look and act like new. In this, their primer tape, the two go over electromechanical machines from soup to nuts. Although the film works is amateur, the delivery, humor, tip and tricks is vital. You can't beet the price too. 6$ is all it cost for any tape in the series. A must get for all into amusement games!

This Old Pinball Tape #2

Tape 2 of This old Pinball is just as good as tape One. This time, the dynamic duo, take at a baseball game and give the whole tape a baseball flavor. Another good two hour tape of info and tips with Norm hamming it up in the background.

This Old Pinball Tape #3

This Old Pinball Tape #3 "Lost in the Zone" is Norm and Shaggy's third installment in the repair and maintenance aspect of Pin games. Shaggy goes over the dreaded Clock in the TZ and gives a an overall.
I really cant say enough on the help these tape could be to anyone collecting pin games. Even if you don't own a TZ, the tips on all these tapes cant be missed.. The camera work and cinematography is getting better to! 

This Old Pinball Tape #4

Tape 4 of this old Pinball goes over the Indiana Jones Pin. Another great tape with ideas on pin repair. Littered with clips of the IJ movies to break up Norms bad jokes, you can find out why you would ever want to take a blowtorch to a pinball part! That's right, get this tape and you will see why you would want to torch parts as a repair.

This Old Pinball Tape #5 Part one 

The Black House / Haunted Hole tapes! An in depth look at both these games. After watching this 2 part set, I actually want a Black Hole now... Or do I want a Black House?

This Old Pinball Tape #5 Part two 

Part 2 of this detailed look at bullet proofing system one games.

This Old Pinball Tape Expo 

Shaggy and Norm hit the auction in the Expo tape and point out the good and bad of the auction scene. Followed by Gene Cunningham's "state of the union address" on the status of Illinois pinball in this VHS tape

Pingame Gerbil

Pingame Gerbil Tour the world's largest pinball collection. Lots of tips & history

Someone Uploaded this to YouTube


Bingorilla, Tim's second VHS tape. Just like the first, Tim take you on a tour of older 1930s to 1990s pin games in detail, including some 'Bingos'

Bride of Bingorilla

Tim Arnold's 3rd VHS tape. Bride of Bingorilla is really a continuation of 'Bingorilla'. More pinballs, a few bingo

System1 Super Show

System 1 Super Show All sixteen Gottlieb System 1 games in detail, This is most likely, my favorite taps to date, as good working System one games are harder to find. This is Tim Arnold's 4th tape.

Girls Don't Make Passes at Boys with Backglasses,  

Girls Don't Make Passes at Boys with Backglasses!" 1930s-1960s pinball Backglasses Some goofy Porn back glasses in this on too

Arcade Manuals and Schematics

All files here require Adobe Acrobat reader for PDF (Portable Document Format) files.  Most files here are maintained by myself to minimize dead links but sponsors of other linked manuals are listed here as well and may have their files compressed in other ways.

These manuals were purchased, and scanned by Basement Arcade Associates, and are offered for free download at our site to aid in game repair.
These PDF(s) are not to be distributed on any collection CD / DVD, nor is to be linked to via any other internet site without permission from us. Likewise it is not to be distributed from any other site without our permission. All files here are watermarked in some fashion but should not impair your ability to use these to repair a game
Abiding by these requests, will insure the continuing support of new manuals added to our site.
All original copyrights held by their original owners

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Dear Diary

Here is my arcade diary that documents other arcade game I have come across in my journeys. Visits to other collectors houses, game rooms, classics found in hotels, Etc. I don't travel too often but when I do, I have my camera with me.

A day in the life of a collector/operator

Here is a great story once posted on the Arcade news group involving an "accident" with a monitor. We all have had these "bad days of collecting"

Here is a great story once posted on the Arcade news group that I found interesting. Back in the 80s when the video game craze was at its peek, there was talk about Mob involvement in the business. The following story sort of kills that idea.. or does it..

Here is another topic of conversation once posted in the Arcade news group. The topic was one of the Videotopia shows and how it is handled. No group of collectors work harder in classic collection then the Videotopia guys so Jeff responded

Here is another topic of conversation once posted in the Arcade news group on the topic of game moving..

An Operator shares a story of being crushed!

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