OK. I've just gotta post this one, as I feel like a complete fool

Every so often you do something stupid while working on a machine, and my turn was tonight. While wrestling with the coin drawer on a cocktail cab this eve, I kinda made a boo-boo. The cab was open, so that the monitor was resting against something else to hold it open. As I was futzing with the coin drawer, I yanked a little too hard and the monitor swung down with a crash.

All I could hear was "ssssss..." Crap. The glass is cracked, and
air is getting into the tube. Carefully, I shooed the cats out
of the room and closed the door. I ain't touching this one for
a while I thought. About an hour later, I ventured into the room
but still heard the air noise.

So, I carefully moved the monitor back into it's upright position,
and did a visual inspection. Huh. No crack visible. So, I started
cleaning up.

While cleaning I noticed a spray can of "Blow Clean". Which had
broken the fall, and lost it's nozzle.

The monitor works fine, but neither the spray can, nor my pride
will be the same.

Some things ya just gotta share. ;)


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