2020 updates


Final 4 updates for 2020

12-15-20 - So I had some pretty big updates planned for December, but just like many other issues of 2020, life has gotten in the way when this past Monday, during a freak wind and rain storm, my vehicle was blown into a spin driving home from work on a 3 lane highway. Although there were no other cars involved in the accident, my vehicle came to rest when it impacted the cement divider of the highway, deploying the airbags. The vehicle has been declared a total loss although I was able to drive it home, and ironically enough drove it the next day to work. Needless to say, this has sent me scrambling for a new vehicle, A chore that takes time. Throw onto that the pressures of the holidays, and I can tell that there’s no more time for updates this year. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no updates, just that I am not posting as much as I originally planned. Changes that have happened are a new book review in the library of Supercade: A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984 (This would make a great Christmas present)
We have had a new game pickup here. I've come across some projects I've participated in over the years (book and newspaper articles and pictures ) and started listing them here, and I'm sure you noticed the holiday picture above.... good by 2020, You wont be missed

11/14/20 - This update is to announce the addition of the new projects category. Over the years we have featured some projects who’s pages have come and gone or in the case of the wobble head project for Doctor Who or the moving institute project for Earthshaker, Have only been available when these items are for sale. Now these projects and how they came to life are available all the time, in the projects category

10/29/20 - NEW DEDICATED GAME PAGE! We haven't had one of these in YEARS.... Its Dig Dug! Some new Pictures in About Me, Added a bunch more working arcade boards in the for sale area.... Get them here on the cheap before they end up on Greedbay. The Workshop Blog has new entries on ongoing projects and finally, we’ve added a dedicated Facebook account for this website. The Facebook account will mainly be used to highlight updates, and going on‘s, over here at BasementArcade.com. I would recommend you follow us on Facebook, as Facebook will let you know when this site has been updated, and give you light highlights of what you will find when you visit. Our Facebook will NEVER come close to what you will find here as Facebook is difficult to search, and the navigation experience changes between iOS versus android and is even more different to find something on your computer. Our account will be used to highlight this site and that's pretty much it (plus we've been around longer then Facebook, so there that)

10/21/20 - Added more working arcade board to the For Sale area, Some new Picture in About Me, Picked up some new games as and boards as listed in the Blog.



Added "Laughter is the Best Medicine" a spot to drop monthly funny clips. New Manuals posted. Pit Fighter and Happ Controls KJ-XX15 Series monitor. Added Skycurser Flyers to the mix. Graphic updates to the Crazy Climber page



There’s some new additions in the for sale area, including one Earthshaker kit, that someone backed out on so get it while it’s there. Also, we’ve now opened up the new 3-D printing page!



So, although my Eye is not healed, its healed enough that I can do some computer work… so here is a website update. New Lock n’ Chase manual up in the library, various additions int the About me page, and a new entry in the workshop blog



So I was pretty stoked with the re-launch of the website… The new tools that were being added, the new features, finding old pictures that were never published, and then this happened. A corneal ulcer (read A scratch to the eye from a contact that then gets infected) has taken out of my left eye for three weeks now.
It’s amazing how much longer it now takes to do absolutely everything, if you have only one eye and how fatigued you get trying to make it through the day squinting and trying to focus on common items. I always realized that staring at computer screens was hard on the eyes, but for the time being, it’s damn near impossible. Please Standby While I heal, as updates are being put on hold for now.
Just goes to show you what a dumpster fire 2020 is across the board 



Switch Setting and Board Pinouts added to the Gauntlet and Space Duel pages. Just finished reading Classic 80s Home Video Games Identification and Value Guide. In sort, recommend it! My review is in the “Library”



Fixed the search engine problems on the "About Me" and History Pages. Added more info on the "About Me" Page. Switch Setting and Board Pin outs added to the Crazy Climber page



Opened up the “About Me” area. Added a new History page for older history notes



The Basement Arcade was founded May 5th 1998 and has been an active part of the community ever since...... but that doesn’t mean that we’ve haven't grown a little tired. All the original HTML tricks, Java scripts, and flash plug-ins, That once made this area fun, have one by one ceased to work, making this site unpredictable
Announcing the Basement Arcade 2.0. Now back in HTML5 and mobile compliant with new features, stories, games, and helpful information.
With this unveiling we have re-constructed the original website preserving the general layout, and construction, while removing all the content that no longer functions and the links that no longer went anywhere. Add some fancy new video elements and a pulldown menu at the top of the screen and we’re good into the next century :-) 

2012 / 2013 updates



 We are currently Sold out of Wobble head kits



Added 2 new Web Cameras today and pointed them to an previously unseen part of the arcade and well as one in the shop. Down to the last 2 Dalek kits so get them while you can



Earthshaker moving building kits are Sold Out. Email me if you must have one. The Wobble Head kit to animate the Dalek on the Dr. Who pinball is still available but with limited stock so don't delay.


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