Trigger for House of The Dead III gun  -  Sega Ref # HDT-2103-01


 A buddy of mine who owns an arcade contacted me when his house of the dead 3 gun trigger broke. At the time, these were out of stock on all the regular websites, so he asked me to 3-D print one for him.

Modeled after the original Sega part, (the aqua green part on picture one on the left ) the saga part is followed by my hand drawn rendition pictured on the right. Printed in a multitude of colors, (just because I could). Have fun, and save yourself eight bucks 

Printer Settings

Printer Brand: Dremel
Printer:3D20Shop for this item
Nozzle Used:Micro Swiss .4mm Nozzle MK10 All Metal Hotend Upgrade KitShop for this item
Filament Choice Color #1Proto-Pasta Northern Lights Blue HTPLA - 1.75mmUnavailable
Filament Choice Color #2eSUN PLA PRO (PLA+)  Baby Blue - 1.75mmShop for this item
Filament Choice Color #3Paramount 3D PLA (Harajuku Pink)  - 1.75mmShop for this item
Filament Choice Color #4Snapmaker 3D Printer Filament White - 1.75mmShop for this item
Filament Choice Color #5Reprapper  PLA Filament Yellow - 1.75mmShop for this item
Filament Choice Color #6Proto-Pasta Tangerine Orange Metallic Gold HTPLA, 1.75mm Shop for this item
Filament Choice Color #7Proto-pasta Candy Apple Metallic Red HTPLA, 1.75mmShop for this item

Post printing

You will most likely want to add a larger chamfer to the finger part of the trigger. If you need chamfer tool I recommend  this one  Additionally, if shrinkage of your chosen plastic media makes the pivot hole too tight, use the same debuting tool on the hole as well

About the Design

This design, as well as previous designs, was done in Autodesk’s free 123D design. This is now an abandoned piece of software, that I am still very proficient in. You can download its last revision (2.2.14) here, but understand that the online cloud storage option no longer works.

The .123dx file may contain sketches, solids, or both needed to render the final STL. and is included to ease part modification for your purpose. 




The STL file for slicing



The Autodesk 123D Design file that generated the part

Zip Package


ALL file and pictures

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