Compact Flash mounting frame (CarnEvil)


 So I have more JAMMA games then I have dedicated cabinets to stick them in and for this reason, I mount most of my boards on a backing piece of hardboard, trying to keep the stack as small as possible.  This aid with storage when not in use. When it came to CarnEvil, I wanted to remove its hard drive, and replace it with a compact flash. Unfortunately, this has the Compact Flash sticking 90° up off the main motherboard, not flat at all. A bracket  was designed to rotate the card to a flat position, using a short IDE cable  This frame resolves the height problem and ensures no damage to the board  when its stored on the shelf. The CF adapter is held on by one screw using the slot and bump to hold it in place. The voids in the CF placement area are there for relief for solder point below the PC board and to insure the board lays flat. The largest  hole is for the IDE cable to snake below the frame. Holes in frame for mounting both  

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Post printing

Attach CF unit, Drill out / tap holes to fit your application, Game on

About the Design

This design, as well as previous designs, was done in Autodesk’s free 123D design. This is now an abandoned piece of software, that I am still very proficient in. You can download its last revision (2.2.14) here, but understand that the online cloud storage option no longer works.

The .123dx file may contain sketches, solids, or both needed to render the final STL. and is included to ease part modification for your purpose. 




The STL file for slicing

Compact flash holeder.123dx


The Autodesk 123D Design file that generated the part

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ALL file and pictures

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