Housing for a 16 channel relay board.


Not specifically for Arcade purposes, but the reason for this print will be Arcade related. C
Couldn’t find a housing for the 16 channel relay board sold from Martin P Jones and Associates Inc. So I drew my own. No supports required, and easy print in PLA. See here, for how I’m using mine in the arcade

The relay board size is 1 79 mm x 89.5 mm

The base plate has provisions for 6-32 nuts to be inserted from underneath. Likewise, the holes for mounting the completed unit are also for a number six screw.

The top requires for 6-32 x 7/8 socket head cap screw for mounting the top to the base. The 16 holes running down the center provide a line of sight to the corresponding relays LEDs

Non-Printed Parts

12V 16 SPDT Relay Module for Microcontrollers                                                                 Shop for this item
#6-32 x 7/8" Long 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw
Part number 92196A152 
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Hex Nuts, 6#-32 Fine Thread Hexagon Nut, Stainless Steel 304, Pack of 50 Shop for thie item

Printer Settings

Printer Brand: Dremel
Printer:3D20Shop for this item
Nozzle Used:Micro Swiss .4mm Nozzle MK10 All Metal Hotend Upgrade KitShop for this item
Supports?Your Choice
Shown Printed in Filament  Color Inland 1.75mm White PLA PRO (PLA+)  1KG Spool (2.2lbs), White Shop for this item
Shown Printed in Filament Color Inland 1.75mm Orange PLA PRO (PLA+) 1KG Spool (2.2lbs), Orange Shop for this item
Shown Printed in Filament Color MakerBot 0.5 lbs. Small Translucent Red PLA Filament Shop for this item
Shown Printed in Filament Color Gizmo Dorks 1.75mm PLA Filament 1kg / 2.2lb, Translucent Blue  Shop for this item

Post printing

Flip the base part over and press in the 6-32 nuts. If necessary, add a dot of super glue to hold them in place.
Place the relay board into the base plate, observing the fact that there is a cut out, in the base, for the double row header. If you flip the board 180°, it won’t seat properly. Snap the tap onto the base insecure with your 6-32 x  7/8 socket head cap screws.

About the Design

This design, as well as previous designs, was done in Autodesk’s free 123D design. This is now an abandoned piece of software, that I am still very proficient in. You can download its last revision for Windows (2.2.14) here, but understand that the online cloud storage option no longer works.

The .123dx file may contain sketches, solids, or both needed to render the final STL. and is included to ease part modification for your purpose. 


16 relay base.stl


The STL file for slicing

16 relay top.stl


The STL file for slicing



The Autodesk 123D Design file that generated this part



The Autodesk 123D Design file that generated this part

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ALL file and pictures


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