The Basement Arcade Restore Zone!

Again, Is has been WAY too long since this page has been updated. None the less here are some of the new additions to the basement arcade collection.


Just picked this up... Mr. Do's Castle

One of my Latest Accusations

Street Fighter 2 CE

The project I'm working on now. My next MULTI JAMMA machine, from an old Double Dragon case

I wanted a Black Hole forever, this one came to me working but quickly died. It now sites in the Basement Arcade broken, awaiting some love

Cool! FREE pin form someone that did not want it!

It works a little but need lots of cleaning, bulbs, displays and rewiring


FREE Game #2! Rescued form a self storage unit. The machine was pretty much dead, but I fixed the monitor the day I brought it home, so its well on its way


Another auction shot of me and my trademark cup of coffee, Hey.. Those warehouses are cold in the winter!

Finally introduced the kids to the auction lifestyle... I don't think they will ever be the same :-)

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