The Tribute

    One of the more active producers in the video game era
    in the 80s was Atari who brought us this classic. There are
    other Space Duel pages on the net, but I hope you find
    my page intriguing enough to tell your friends

    The Facts

    Following the tails of its big brothers Asteroids
    and Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel offered a similar game play but with a color X Y monitor and some twists in its game play.
    Manufactured by Atari, my machine holds a copyright of 1982

Space Duel

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    So whatís your story?

    This is the second piece to my arcade collection and is my first upright machine. My collection
    started with a Crazy Climber cocktail table. The game was picked up from an amusement machine
    repairer/reseller who was interested in getting out of the repair business. Overall I would say that this
    game is in great shape. The side art is good, the control panel overlay was repaired and the whole
    thing was detailed and tuned. But donít take my word for it, enlarge the pictures below and take a look.
    SpinnerThe Game play is similar to Asteroids.... Shoot anything that moves but there is an additional
    twist that is even more fun with 2 players. You have the option in one player mode to have one
    ship (like Asteroids) or two ships tethered together and operating as one. In 2 player mode you
    have a choice of having two separate ships on screen doing their own thing or you can go for the
    tether mode again but each player controls his own ship. In the latter mode it can take some heavy
    team work to clear a screen.


Some pictures of my Space Duel

Click the Icons for a bigger picture

Screen Shot Side of Space Duel Front Inside Inside Control
Screen Shot          Side            Front view           Inside        Inside       Control Pannel overlay

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