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    Treasure!The Tribute

    Now here is a tribute to a game that generated many memories in the latter portion of the great video game era.

    Treasure!The Facts

    Gauntlet manufactured in 1985 by Atari, was one of the more popular 4 player games and remains more popular for conversion to other games due to its convenient 4 player layout. Up to four players cooperate to fight off enemies as they try to find the way out of many mazes. Food, magic potions, keys and treasure can be found along the way adding to you score.

Welcome Gauntlet Warrior!

So whats your story?

    Treasure!This is the 4th addition to my basement arcade and was purchased at a local auctions. Gauntlet,. although not as old as some of the other machines in my collection, holds a special place in my heart, for it was one of the first 4 player games that 4 players could all play at once. I remember the Friday nights at the local arcade with 4 of us fighting side by side to get too the next level, or smacking the player who "shot the food" .
The Restoration..

    Treasure!There isn’t too much to say on the restoration of this machine as it is not restored in my eyes. Cosmetically it is ok, but 20% of the side art is missing and I haven’t found a source for replacement art yet. The front of the machine was repainted and the control panel was cleaned some. The coin doors were shot, so I opted to replace them with new ones from Happ Controls. The Screen has some nasty screen burn, so I purchased some smoked Lexan to cover the monitor. The tinted plastic hides some of the monitor burn when the machine is off. The control panel was rough on the top edge so I put some trim around the top and all the joysticks were rebuilt.
What’s left ?

    Treasure!What’s left ? Well… I’m still not happy with the joysticks even after the rebuild so Ill most likely replace them soon. I really should replace the monitor due to the bad burn in and I hate not having side at on my machines. The control panel should be replaced as well. I may or may not keep my Gauntlet machine depending on if I can find these replacement parts or I may purchase a machine in better shape to replace this one but until then….. "Save keys to open doors"

  • Treasure!Even the most "restored machine" is never fully done. It is sort of like owning a house.. there is always something that need to be fixed or could be better. The closing of the last update, proved that we could do much more to make things better and the time has come. With the purchase of some reproduction side art off of Ebay, I set off to rip off the old and replace it with new…. Things did not got as planed. As I started off on the right side, some of the black laminate (for lack of a better word) started to lift. After tit started.. It was all over.. There was no stopping it and is almost fell off the machine. Well that is not what I planed, but the dried glue that has soaked in to the partial board cabinet has acted like a sealer and it was obvious that a coat of black paint would look and feel just like the original. Off to the left side, Things were different over here. This side the laminate would not come off at all and I tried as I thought It would be nice to 100% match both sides of the cabinet wit fresh paint. No such luck. My 2 year old son Luke helped me pull it all off and the new art when on immediately after that. A coat of paint on the right side was applied and allowed to dry overnight. But what next??? THE MONITOR! Yes it was time to replace the burnt monitor that we covered with smoked Lexan with a nice new monitor. I also had a NOS overlay in stock so now was the time to do that too. The sticks and buttons were removed ands the steal panel was heated form underneath to soften the tough overlay material. It took the better part of 2 hours to work it all off, but once it was removed the panel was sanded clean and some dents that were by the wizard joystick were hammered flat. I also replace the wizard stick because the rebuild we did two years ago was not enough to keep the wizard from getting stuck. Before snapping it all back together, I replaced the Gauntlet board with Gauntlet 2. Gauntlet 2, is a better game with better attract music (IMHO) and that wraps up Gauntlet!

Do you have a Gauntlet arcade game and need some of it's technical information? Click here for the PC board pin outs. Since the other game options are controled via the software, there are no switches that need to be set. Better yet, the whole manual and schematics are avaiable in the Arcade Library


Check out the some of the sounds Gauntlet

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Want to play Gauntlet I or II on your P.C.? Click here for the MAME Emulation page

Here are some pictures of my Guantlet machine when it was being serviced. Click on the image for a larger view


Gauntlet in the shop

Masked and being painted, with new coin doors

Guantlet PC board

Rear shot of the PC Board

Inside the case under the control panel

Audio PC Board and rear of coin doors

Once the laminate started coming of there was not stopping it.JPG
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Luke helps remove the old art.jpg
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left side striped of old art.jpg
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Left side with reproduction side art.jpg
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Right side black again.jpg
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Stripping the old overlay off is a slow process.jpg
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Striped - sanded and cleaned.jpg
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Old monitor out.jpg
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New monitor in and art applied.jpg
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The Gauntlet in the Basement Arcade.jpg
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