Email Away!

I'm always happy to receive e-mail but with the increase spam following these rules will insure your Email gets answered rather then tagged as Spam and your Email blacklisted

1. I am not a search engine! so please don't treat me as one

2. Feel free to use the links below that fill in an automatic subject line but if you chose to make you own,

A. Do NOT leave the subject line blank

B. DO use a subject tittle that refers to your mail. Simple titles like HI, Question, Look at this!, are all common with the spamers so don't lump your mail in with theirs

C. Make your subject line specific! A Subject like SOME HELP will get you blacklisted, A subject like SOME HELP WITH DONKEY KONG or similar will get answered

3. If you use and anti spam program that requires me to log into a web site and authorize my email address, at my name BEFORE you email or do not bother writing me. Requests that need me to authorize my email will be ignored, unanswered and bounced

4 . If you ask a question that may need me to know where you live… Tell me where you live It's a big internet out there :-)

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