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The Tribute

    Well I have to admit Donkey Kong is not my favorite game (but that is because I stink at it.) But it is a wonderful addition to any classic arcade collection

    The Facts

    Donkey Kong, manufactured by Nintendo, holds a copyright of 1981 and was available in both upright and cocktail table versions. It's game play was simple; Make it to the top of the building without getting hit be a barrel, torched by a fireball or squashed by a mudpie.

The Donkey Kong Tribute Page

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So whats your story?

    BarrelDonkey Kong has escaped from the zoo and kidnaped Mario's girlfriend, Pauline. Unfortunatly, It's still the 80's and Mario doesnt even have a name yet so we just call him Jumpman. Jumpman must climb level after level of fallen i beams to reach his love at the top. Mario's only defense is an occasional hammer and his ability to jump. Too bad for him that If/ when he does make it to the top, Donkey Kong just snaches up Pauline and heads for higher ground

The restoration

    BarrelThe restoration wasnít too bad. I bought my Donkey Kong at one of the US amusement auctions in working order. The control panel wasnít too bad but it needed new buttons and a joystick. The cabinet had no side art and a few battle scars. A trip to the paint store got me a color matched quart of paint to fill in the scratches, and help from the Arcade newsgroup got some side art for the machine. Another deal on the newsgroup landed a nice front monitor glass as mine was scratched. The original light behind the marquee was shot, so I got a new lamp fixture from the hardware store as the Nintendo original uses a fixture with a weird starter that no one will ever find. The coin door came off and was repainted and the aluminum coin area was cleaned and sandblasted. All in all itís a nice addition to the Basement Arcade!

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DK Flyer

The Game Archive has Donkey Kong flyers for you to view! Use the link provided to return here after you check them out!

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