Toshiba Integrated Multimedia Monitor (TIMM)


Selling My TIMM monitor, Lightly used for a few years on my Amiga and then on my IBM in the office. Would make and awesome monitor for MAME that could double as a tv / dvd display in an arcade unit and being a 20 monitor.. its plenty big

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Toshiba Integrated Multimedia Monitor (TIMM)
Toshiba Imaging and Information Systems
1010 Johnson Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6900
($999 NEW)

The Toshiba Integrated Multimedia Monitor (TIMM) combines television, video, and computer graphics into one design. The new 20-inch TIMM monitor is a multi-purpose presentation tool for use in the office, at home, or in the production studio. Finally, a monitor for all occasions.

The TIMM monitor is a multimedia monitor that incorporates an 181 channel, cable-ready receiver. Picture quality is over 500 lines of horizontal resolution.

Built-in VGA compatibility provides an instant connection to DOS-based computers. In addition, Toshiba offers an optional adapter that will interface to Mac II computers. You can also connect your computer's audio outputs to the TIMM, and use it as a sound station. You can use the front control panel or remote control to adjust the volume.

The TIMM is the first multimedia monitor offering a remote control. The remote not only controls regular TV functions, but it also controls computer-related features such as picture sizing. This allows users to expand or contract the image either vertically or horizontally. Presentations in office conference rooms or trade show booths are now easier than ever with the TIMM monitor.

The TIMM monitor also features both composite and Y/C inputs for connection to camcorders, VCRs or other video componentry. The TIMM makes it very easy to switch between your computer application, video production or television program. An RGB/Video/TV mode button located on the front control panel of the monitor allows you to change video settings. You can also use the remote control to switch between video modes from up to 16 feet away. You'll need a 15-pin D-sub signal cable to connect the TIMM to your computer, a cable Toshiba doesn't include with the monitor.

Toshiba added a built-in 10-watt audio system to the TIMM. TIMM's high performance speakers are suspended in a tuned horn structure. This design improves stereo separation and enhances full- frequency performance. Toshiba's Sub-Bass System (SBS) circuit combines with dbx noise reduction to generate high sound quality.

The TIMM monitor is more versatile than the average computer or video monitor. With the TIMM, I easily established a link between my computer and video editing bay.

One minute the TIMM's high resolution screen works as a fantastic video monitor in the production studio. At the push of the RGB button the TIMM becomes an awesome computer monitor displaying both graphics and an edit decision list from any PC-based edit controller. Once you've produced your video program, move the TIMM into the conference room for an on-screen presentation.

Complimenting the TIMM's visual attributes is its audio system. The TIMM's rich and clear sound reproduction eliminates the need for external speakers. All audio and video settings are adjusted using the on-screen menu system.

With your production studio or conference room shut down for the day, switch the TIMM to television mode and scan broadcast channels with its built-in tuner.

Toshiba states that an interference called "moire" may become visible with some computer signals, though I did not experience this effect while working in the RGB mode. The phenomenon is due to the interference between the dots or lines of the computer image and the shadow mask of the picture tube. The moire pattern varies according to the display mode of the computer image and the stripe pitch of the television. Adjusting the horizontal and vertical sizes of the picture in the "Options" menu reduces this effect.

If you've been searching for a way to integrate computer applications with your video production system, the TIMM's picture looks good from here.

Technical Specifications

Toshiba Integrated Multimedia Monitor (TIMM)

NTSC, analog RGB

Y/C video, composite video, RGB video, RF video, audio

Variable audio

20-inch monitor, FST Black picture tube, Invar Shadow Mask

Horizontal resolution
More than 500 lines (NTSC), 640x480 pixels (RGB)

Screen view size
16.5 by 12.5 inches

Other features
181 channel cable-ready tuner, 10-watt audio system, Sub Bass System (SBS), dbx noise reduction, remote control

26.7 (width) by 24.1 (height) by 21.6 (depth) inches

56.2 pounds

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