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Welcome to Basement TV. The Links below offer a more multimedia approach to video game and pinball collecting. For now we have various clips from tapes and aired shows.

Cabinet Help
CRT Help
Pin out Resources
Board Help

People who repair

Cabinet Help

Get the wood end of your machine fixed up

C:\> j a k o b u d . c o m

Arcade & Mame Cabinet Plans

CRT Help

Help to repair that Cathode Ray Tube

Everything you need to know about the arcade monitor

TV monitors FAQ

An old document I host on repairing TV sets. Very usefull as and arcade monitor is a TV set without the tuner electronics

Pin out / Dip Switch Resources

Figure out how your game is pined and the settings for game behavior

Mikes Arcade

PCB Pinout and DIP Switch information

Board Help

Board repair on many fronts.

CPS-2 Shock

General CPS-2 info and repair tips

The Dead Battery Society

The Old way to do CPS-1 Reapirs

CPS2 Infinikey

THE repair for CPS-2 games

People who repair

If the soldering iron isn’t a friend of yours there are people / companies out there to help

Matthew Janeczek

I have personally used Matthew’s services and I couldn’t recommend him more!
Offering repairs on Sega G80 Logic Boards, Electrohome G08-003 Monitors and Midway Omega Race Logic Boards. Hit the icons to read his KLOV posts on the topic, or the picture to the right to Email the man directly 

Eldorado games, ltd

Now offering repair service on newer game boards and computers I’ve used George’s service on more than one occasion


Microsoft XBOX, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Consoles, Pinball / Arcade Machines, Vince DelRusso, owner, is local to me and fix it all!

Phone: +1 ‪(973) 400-9110‬  


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