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Welcome to Basement TV. The Links below offer a more multimedia approach to video game and pinball collecting. For now we have various clips from tapes and aired shows.

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In the news

Video clips about  the hobby

OLD Cnet central clip on collecting and auctions

Exidy vs. Lakeland

Friend and fellow collector Jon Jamshid’s story of when the city of Lakeland said his arcade collection had to go

Pinball Promos

Commercials for new Pins

Williams Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Promo Video

Williams trade show commercial on the Indiana Jones Pinball machine 

Doctor Who Pinball Promo Video

Williams trade show commercial on the Doctor Who Pinball machine

The Getaway Pinball Promo Video

Williams trade show commercial on the Getaway Pinball machine

Flintstones Pinball Promo Video

Promo Video from Williams for The Flintstones Pinball ripped from an old VHS

White Water Pinball Promo Video

Promo Video from Williams for White Water Pinball ripped from an old VHS

Arcade Audio

Audio files from multiple sources

Pin's N Vids 
More Soon

Pin's N Vids

Al Warner created the pins and Vids podcast, before anyone knew what podcasting was. Creating six audio MP3s, this project later went on to be a DVD distributed video project. The content is super old and some of the comments I made on the fifth episode or no longer true, but a fun nostalgic look into Arcade collecting pre-2001
Al used to include links for items discussed in the show. Most of these links were dead in 2020, so I’ve included all of the ones that worked. 

 #1 - Introduction and a Rant about Cap Kits

Al's Arcade Web Page Al's Arcade Web Page, home of the Original Cap Kit Docs!

First aired 12/99

#2 - Book Review, and Road Trip with Steve Zeuner and Rob Rhode

Videotopia Travelling museum of classic video games.
Trip from Hell! Pictures of the trip. Long loading.

First aired 01/00

#3 - Evil Exidy Shut Down by the City

Evil Exidy's Arcade Classics See the video on how the city of Lakeland FL tried to close down a collector's garage.

First aired 04/00 

#4 - Interview with Jeff Kinder of the Dragon's Lair Project

Clay Cowgill's MultiGame Website Home of MultiJamma and other multiple game conversion kits.
The Dragon's Lair Project Jeff Kinder founded this web site dedicated to preserving LaserDisc based video games.
Digital Leisure Manufacturers of home versions of arcade Laserdisc classics.

First aired 06/00

#5 - Interview with Mark Davidson of Basement Arcade

Stern Pinball Web Site Read about the newest pinball out there, Sharkey's Shootout!
Pinball News Website Great information site. Excellent review of Sharkey's Shootout.
Incredible Technologies Engineers of the "Connected" portion of Sharkey's Shootout.
Basement Arcade Classics - And here you are

First aired 09/00

 #6 - Final Show - Interview with Matt Ownby of the Daphne project.

The Daphne Emulation Website Download the Daphne Emulator that is discussed in our feature interview!
Tim's Arcadecollecting.Com Great information pages on a variety of subjects including Taito Power Supply replacement.
The Dragon's Lair Project A great web page on LaserDisc based games. Matt is on the staff here as well.

First aired 09/01

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