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Welcome to my Basement Arcade. The best, one-stop-shopping, for the classic arcade game collector. Set your bookmark here as this page will offer the latest links to other collectors, as well as dedicated pages, parts, boards, and setting links. Here you will find the tools and information you need to get that classic game restored.


4/22/13 We are currently Sold out of Wobble head kits

3/29/13 Added 2 new Web Cameras today and pointed them to an previously unseen part of the arcade and well as one in the shop. Down to the last 2 Dalek kits so get them while you can

9/29/12 Earthshaker moving building kits are Sold Out. Email me if you must have one. The Wobble Head kit to animate the Dalek on the Dr. Who pinball is still available but with limited stock so don't delay.

1/14/12 Once again, Earthshaker moving building kits are available to purchase. Likewise the Wobble Head kit to animate the Dalek on the Dr. Who pinball is available as well. Both are limited to available stock so don't delay.


The early 1980's was a great time to be a kid. With the creation of a new entertainment machine called the "Video Game", the world would change for the better. Arcades all over the world popped up offering anyone with a quarter in his pocket, time to become the saver of a universe or the best racer of the Grand Prix. Best of all I was part of this movement and have now started to relive the glory days of yesteryear by starting my own collection of these quarter eating monsters. My collection has started out with my favorite machine, which is Crazy Climber. I have given it its own Web page as I could not find a page devoted to this classic game. On the Crazy Climber page you can relive the days when arcade game manufacturers emphasized game play over graphic quality. As you can see below, as my collection grows, so do new pages on the games collected with the newest pages saluting Space Dual and Ms. Pac Man. ENJOY!



Games in My Arcade!

CRAZY CLIMBER Crazy Climber One of the first places you will want to stop is my very own
Crazy Climber page. Flash down memory lane with
my favorite arcade classic
of all time. Includes sound & emulator page!
Space Duel Space Duel The second game in my arcade. Visit my Space Duel page!
Ms. Pac Man Ms. Pacman The Third game in my arcade. See all the pictures and here the sounds
of my Ms. Pacman on the Ms. Pacman page! Looking for the pin outs or switch
setting or even the full manual? It's all in there with a playable PC version
of Ms Pacman too.
Donkye Kong Page Donkey Kong The 4th game in my arcade. See all the pictures, here the sounds, and
read up on what I did to restore of my Donkey Kong on the Donkey Kong page! Looking for the switch setting or even the full manual? Links are provided.
Gauntlet Gauntlet, The 5th game in my Basement Arcade. Sights ,sounds, manuals Its all here! ToObIn Hike up your swim suite and hit the water on the Toobin' page
Way cool, new Bud Tapper page. A beautiful addition to my basement arcade with plenty of pictures, sounds, and technical info available vist Q*bert! Q*Bert and I logged many hours in the arcades together so it is no wonder that 2 machines made it to the Basement Arcade
I went to A great deal to get a Domino Man, and It was worth ever mile traveled to pick it up. A forgotten classic with a dedicated page. The Turbo Porject!  Well if you want to find out how to restore a Mini driver from the ground up... Check out the TURBO PROJECT

Black Widow Black Widow.. a game I had never heard of till I started collecting, but a vector game with Robotron gameplay? Who could go wrong! Crystal Castles  Crystal Castles. The first Track Ball game in the Basement Arcade. Outstanding artwork on this case and becoming one of my children's favorite games


Interesting Resources!

The Arcade Library

Arcade Library

Here is the new home of the Arcade Library. Here you will find books, manuals, pictures, and documents to stimulate your senses and educate you on the history of specific machines and arcade collection in general. The Manual area and Control Panel Overlay area or now located in here as well as the technical links. Enjoy.. The Arcade Library is open 24 hours a day!

The Basement Arcade Restore Zone!

Visit the back room and see what's in the repair shop. Lots of pictures of games I'm working on that will have pages when they are restored.





Not many auctions held in the NJ area anymore but click on the auctioneer to Left to read more and see the pictures of previous auctions I have attended. For the summer months when the auctions are few and far between there is always E-BAY (opens new window) Super Auctions has come and gone in this area but click the link to visit them. Finally, Baltimore, MD isn't too far, and Auction Game Sales runs in that area and occasionally in PA, so their link is here

The Basement Arcade Flyers


I have a small collection of original game flyers all scanned and ready for you to enjoy but be warned that the page has allot of pictures and will load slowly

The Basement For Sale Area

4 Sale

I have a small collection items for sale.    

New and Notable FUN!


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Check out our new Chat room! This IRC chat relay will but you in touch with other collectors like YOU! Click here! JAVA required

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This not really want I had planed for. What I wanted was streaming live video, But after a month of disappointments in testing and getting it all working.. I am settling for this.. JAVA required. 

Best time for viewing are 7 p.m. - 1 am


Others dedicated arcade pages!
Pac man Jeff Morris's Pac-Man Page. Excellent page!
Q-Bert And we can't forget Q-Bert..This is another E-Glide page.
Gauntlet Gauntlet I and Gauntlet II Hackers Page

Robotron : 2084

A very different Robotron : 2084 page. Has a general strategy guide and tons of pictures

Space Invaders

The story of a Space Invaders

Space Invaders

The ultimate Space Invaders Shrine : The Classic Arcade Video game!
 Gravitar Entry - dedicated to the 1982 Atari classic video arcade game Gravitar. Hints and playing tips with screen captures, etc. included...

Other Collectors!

Coin Op TV

  Coin Op TV! Great site hosting videos on everything game related! Your truly makes a appearance in one show

Eric Clayberg

Eric Clayberg's arcade.... A web page of pictures! 


  Although CinemArcade.com is not an actual arcade site, You have to see his arcade and MAME intro movies

Crazy Kong Arcade

Crazy Kong Arcade Great pinouts list, Manuals, artwork and Tech area!


  The CVG Nexus has info. on collecting and maintaining, dealers manufacturers and more Recently updated!


If you liked the site to the left then check out the Official Starcade Home page


  An old friend to Arcade collection at a new address.. Stop by JROK's Web Pages


David Haynes Ultimate Arcade in now BombJack.Org and the manual area is open again here

Jeff Kinder's pages

  Jeff Kinder's site is named The Dragon's Lair Project. Visit my fellow N.J. collector's pages Jeff is the KING of laser disk games!

Dot Eaters

The Dot Eaters offers some retrospect on the whole 80s picture. Including arcade machines!

Classic Game Programmers

  The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers
The Source for Video and Computer Game History

Build Your Own Arcade Control Center

Build Your Own Arcade Control Center FAQ

Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks

  This site is your source for tips, tricks, and cheats for classic arcade games. Visit Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks page

The sUpErDeFoRmEd Classic Video Games Page

The sUpErDeFoRmEd Classic Video Games Page is loaded with Arcade, 2600, and other classic game and emulator links!

Locations of Classic Video Games!

  Looking to play a game in your area but cant find it? Check out the Locations of Classic Video Games!

Sega's R360

Remember Sega's R360 arcade game flight simulator? Here is a preservation page on it!

Appolo's Arcade

  A new addition to our links is Appolo's Arcade, boasting pages on Toobin, Blasteroids as well as a for sale area

Arcade Game Technical Resources

Clay's Game (Arcade and Other) and Technical Information site is great! Buy his Sega Multi game or other System kits


  Over in Italy, ARCADE is loaded with dedicated pages, data sheets (to get you game fixed) a Multi-Vector machine and more!

Arcade Restoration Workshop

Arcade Restoration Workshop Now at a new address with a brand new look!

Al Warner's arcade pages

  Al Warner's arcade pages are a personal favorite as Al is a good friend and collector. Check Classic Vids and Pinball Machines as well as the Pins and Vids DVD! Al also runs Pinball Obsessions

Russ' Arcade Collecting Page

Russ' Arcade Collecting Has moved!Page shows the restoration of a poor Donkey Kong. Keep up the good work Russ!

Pac Manhattan

  What would happen if you played Pac-Man in NY with real people? Find out at Pac Manhattan

ASTEROIDS Troubleshooting

Franks Instant Arcade, has one kick ass ASTEROIDS Troubleshooting Encyclopedia

Peter Hirschberg - My Arcade

   Peter Hirschberg - My Arcade You gota check out this guys gameroom pictures! Cool retro 80's art and a radio station to boot!


Dedicated to the hobby of collecting video arcade games, visit arcadecollecting.com With an additional technical page I really enjoy here!

Gorfman's Arcade Gameroom

  Gorfman's Arcade Gameroom. Another New site with many items for sale

The Broken Joystick

The Broken Joystick..God.. I hope that pile of games isn't ALL broken.. Cool site, check it out!

Dutchman 2000's GAME ZONE

  Dutchman 2000's GAME ZONE and up-and- coming site!


M.A.R.S. (Mark's Arcade Retro Site) Stop by today!


  The VECTORLIST archives is a database of old mailing lists for the technical discussion of vector-based arcade games

classic arcade

Classics Reunited! Boasting info on Tapper, Pacman, Space Invaders and more, this page is a must see with online playable versions as well

Mylstar Amusments

  Mylstar Amusements is a great picture site, offering the construction of a game room as well as machines and posters

 Eddie's Arcade Shack

EAS - Eddie's Arcade Shack - Arcade games, Defender, Stargate, Sinistar, and more!

Evil Exidy's new page

  Evil Exidy's Arcade-Classics! A new site! www.arcade-classics.com    

Braze Technologies

  WOW.! A Great Tech site here with the best Donkey Kong troubleshooting pages to date! Braze Technologies - Innovative solutions for the "classic" arcade collector

Madoc's Arcade

Robert Spelman's Madoc's Arcade has information specific to that game's restoration. Auction info, tons of pictures.. Great page!

Jeff Sanders' Home Page

  Jeff Sanders, in Huntsville Alabama, as quite the different home page

Niobium's Arcade Zone

Bonaparte's ArcadeZone has returned as Niobium's Arcade Zone. Stop by today!

The World Of Owen R. Rubin

  See The World Of Owen R. Rubin. Original Atari pioneer who contributed to Major Havoc, Space Duel, and many other games (Cannonball, Sky Diver, Tube Chase, Tunnel Hunt, Sebring, Malibu Grand Prix, and others. Read some of this inside stories


Yet another great resource page with too much to offer to list.ionpool.net and don't forget to see Pictures from the second annual trip to visit Callan Hendricks in Houston, Texas.

Mikes Arcade

  Mikes arcade shop is HOT! With downloadable Operation Sheet, Instructions cards, Coin door inserts, as well as Technical Info! THE BEST!

Modern games are rubbish

Blast from the past is now Modern games are rubbish! In interesting change!

The Broken Token 

  The Broken Token! Auction pictures! Game Room pictures and more


Roy Kaplan's Page has resurfaced. Chumblepuzz and his collection are not to be missed!

Yllabian Space Guppy's Bizarre Arcade Game Archive

  New here is a different kind of site!Yllabian Space Guppy's Bizarre Arcade Game Archive reviews the strangest games to grace the arcades!


Robs arcade game web site is one of the newest links here. Visit his sight with the URL www.myarcadegames.iwarp.com

Pelle's Arcade Collecting Page

  Another new Arcade page found! Welcome Pelle's Arcade Collecting Page


JAMMAJUP coinop videogame collector/enthusiast site. Steve has quite a few boards in his collection!


  Do you have ARCADE FEVER? This site has it all, Sticker, photos, flyers, sounds, a MUST SEE site!

Dave's Arcade

Another full featured site is Dave's Arcade filled with auction info restoration projects and more!


  Some friends in the UK have started gamesroom-online.co.uk Lots of info, and data here!


After a (very) brief absence, Game Room Classifieds now has a new owner and continues its excellent game services!


  SAFESTUFF.COM Is now atarigames.com ! A great archival site of the grea Atari

Art Archive

Phosphor Dot's Arcade Artwork Archive


  A new Grave yard site!!! Hold on... Why am I excited?? This is sad! Visit Andy's GALLERY OF THE GROTESQUE!! Includes CONVERSIONS FROM HELL

The Barn

Another sad story of classics left to rot in The Barn


  Game Mover came across another heap of abandon games. Read the story on his sight.    

Shoot Again Pinball

  Shoot Again Pinball specializes in providing home repair service for all makes and models of pinball machines made since 1977. They offer a full range of restore services and come with the Basement Arcades 5 star rating!

 pinball zone

Pinball zone! I don't know where to start.. There is SO much info here it will take you months to go through it all!

Mr. Pinball Classified

  Mr. Pinball Classifieds! Trade, sell, find PARTS!!!

 pinball rebel

Replace the price card in your pinball machine with one of these informative and colorful cards. An impressive display from The Pinball Rebel

Pinball HQ

  Pinball HQ is the FIRST place to stop when fixing a machine!

Steve Young 

The Pinball Clinic! The Pinball Machine Repair
Specialists! serving the Central Jersey location

pinball wizards conv

  The Pinball Wizards Convention is a yearly pin show in PA. Don't miss the next one this March!


Great Plains Electronics A great Electronic store of pinball parts! 

pinball obsession

  Visit Pinball Obsession with the mission to provide the Pinball Community with parts and kits that are unique or not easily obtained elsewhere

Steve Young 

Steve Young's Pinball Resource The Gottlieb resource!




For Sale Links!
Check out the listing of professional and semi professional web areas for restoration parts and services! Links with this iconprivate salesare private sale areas from other collectors and links with this icon profesional sitesare the professional sites. The links below are direct jumps to "for sale" pages on the net. Some sites also have main collector pages wherein the main link is above. Pages with main collector pages are marked


Arcade shopper - your arcade game and pinball locate and procurement service. Selling mainly full games

RetroCade Scott Wise has set up RetroCade, a site to buy and sell pins and vids.
Coin-Op Side Art Another board repair site is Alex Yeckley's Elektron Forge Video Game Repair. I haven't used them yet, but with the amount of broken stuff I have I'm sure I will!Located in North Canton, Ohio lizard lick Lizard Lick Amusements in Raleigh, NC has very good prices on new pins and vids!
Atlas Amusements 8liners in Miami, Florida offers, chips, boards, machines.. WOW! David Countryman's David Countryman's home page has boards, manuals, Arcade Stand ups Video Game Monitors Arcade Game Control Panels and more!
Bob Roberts Bob Roberts has been in this business a long time. Click here to visit his for sale page, for the "Nuts and Bolts" of video games C l a s s i c a d e C l a s s i c a d e Seller of C-Pop Star Wars Thumb Triggers and Robot Monitor Bezel Stickers
Arcade Chips Looking for a hard to find IC or component? Arcade Chips will most likely have it   Jeffs Pac Man page Jeffs Pac Man page offers THE link area to all the Pac-man books out there!
Control Panel Overlays  The Game Art Duplication Project has change it's name and URL to Wizzes Workshop but still offers Tapper handles, Tapper CPO Marble Madness Control Panel Overlays + others  C l a s s i c a d e  
phoenix arcade

Awesome! Another Art Reproduction Site! The Basement Arcade gives Phoenix Arcade 2 thumbs up!

PA Game Warehouse Looking for new art work for your game restoration? Arcade Renovations use to be the place to go till they merged with Quarter Arcade! Here you will find affordable reproductions of arcade game artwork which is almost impossible to find in original condition. Top recommendations of the Basement Arcade!

The Happ Controls offers joysticks, Coin Controls, Driving wheels and more

50th 50th State Coin-Op We sell / service video games, pinball's, redemption equipment, pool tables,darts, fooseball, juke boxes, parts, light bulbs, etc.
Two Bit Two Bit Score Amusements If you own a Ms Pac Man or a Pac Man.. This is THE place to shop! Rec Room Amusements Rec Room Amusements. Prices seem high but is still a good site.
PA Game Warehouse


Video Connection Video Connection in DIXON, CA......Conversion Kits, Joysticks, Coin boxes & more!
Centsible Amusements Centsible Amusements is selling a little bit of everything PC Amusements PC Amusements Sells Pinballs-Arcade Games-Slot Machines. Located in Orlando, FL
repairconnection.com Looking for another place to have Pinball board work done? Check out www.repairconnection.com  Great Western Great Western Trading wants you to moment to examine or extensive list of game p.c. boards and complete arcade games.
Located in Springfield, Or.
Fabulous Fantasies Fabulous Fantasies is mainly a pinball site but does offer some vids TNT TNT Amusements in Southampton, PA . A wonderfully colorful site that sells full machines.
Eldorado Games Eldorado Games If you cant find a board, George has it here TNG TNG Sales & Service has games, kits, Control Panel Overlays, Marquees and more!
Arcadeshop Amusements Steven Gregory owns Arcadeshop Amusements - Your source for classic arcade games and parts John's Jukes Ltd

John's Jukes Ltd. runs Flippers.com. Check out the great line of repair and test equipment!

Joystix Amusements Joystix Amusements has been serving Houston and surrounding areas since 1987 Offering video games, pool tables, pinballs, compact disc jukeboxes and other coin operated devices for home and business.  Arcade Warehouse The Arcade Warehouse web site.We specialize in supplying rare arcade machines for the home and office A UK site but has boards and parts too!
Half Moon Amusements Arcades Half Moon Amusements Arcades Cool site has Internet auctions and offers video machines for sale Arcades -N- More Arcades -N- More specialize in Classic Video Games and Pinball Machines from the 70s, 80 & 90s
Alpha-Omega Amusements, Inc. Alpha-Omega Amusements, Inc. in East Brunswick, New Jersey offers reconditioned redemption, video, pinball, and novelty equipment including PC boards and accessories. as well as all major brands of token and ticket counters, coin acceptors, and debit card systems. arcadegrafix.com  Arcadeclassifieds.com is a great place to look if starting a collection!
http://www.allteksystems.com/ If you collect pinball, you might need the help of http://www.allteksystems.com as they offer replacement MPU boards for Bally/stern systems Bay Area Bay Area Amusements is a great all around amusement reseller but an excellent source of Pinball parts as well
Competitive Products Competitive Products Corporation is a supplier of parts, supplies, and accessories to the Coin Machine, Amusement, and Billiard industries for over 15 years Perfect Amusements Perfect Amusements is a great place to find that new or used Pin
CoinOp Express CoinOp Express is an overseas site that has some hard to find boards    

Good info for collectors from the News Group Arcade Video Game Collecting Or use your bower and Googles access to RGVAC
Or hit the marketplace News Group Arcade Video Game Market Or use your bower and Googles access to RGVAM

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